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Dine under the whimsical luxury of classical chandeliers in the grounds of one of Australia’s most picturesque wineries.

Set in the expansive acreage of the glamorous guesthouse Peppers Convent, Hunter Valley, and surrounded by rich, produce filled kitchen gardens Circa 1876 is a tranquil culinary treat pleasing to lovers of both food and wine.


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 2.24.15 PMThe Convent bride is one who both loves the glamorous feeling of being the centrepiece for a magical wedding, and one who relishes in being surrounded by the most beautiful vistas that the Hunter Valley has to offer.

Lovers are doted upon at The Convent, and their guests are treated to exceptional dining and service.


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The rooms at The Convent are a glorious mix of French Country decor and modern amenities. With every detail lovingly created in order to deliver a dream like air of romance and sophistication you will find yourself wrapped up in old fashioned charm.

Warm service blends seamlessly with five star promptness to complete the package.


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Eighty Eight is a restaurant for lovers. Those passionate about sustainability and fresh food will be enraptured with this experience.
Ethically sourced ingredients with minimal environmental impact and blended perfectly with a focus on non –allergenic comfort food. The menu is broad and hearty with a strong selection of vegetarian and gluten free options.


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With every turn at The Convent you will find a new treasure to behold. Each designer touch has been carefully curated to create the glamorous and magical aura of the space.

From public areas, to your room you will be delighted at the level of sophistication and depth of artistry.


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The Convent offers a varied selection of light filled conference and meeting rooms catering for small to medium sized events.

Modern facilities and technology team with superior dining options and a team of dedicated event planners to give you the perfect launchpad from which to host your companies most important gatherings.

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Our highly skilled and motivated team of Chefs lovingly tend to our onsite kitchen garden. Aiming to produce as much organic produce onsite as possible, therefore mitigating our carbon footprint and contributing to a greener, healthier world is a key ethos attached to our dining options.

Complete with a multitude of edible flowers, vegetables, and herbs diners at Circa 1876 and Restaurant Eighty Eight, along with our wedding and meetings guests are treated to true farm to fork dining courtesy of this hive of activity.

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The Convent Hunter Valley has played host to some of the most spectacular Australian weddings we have had the pleasure to see.




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